As a 20-year military spouse with 14 household moves, keeping organized was an absolute necessity. Numerous deployments meant I stayed home, ran the household and cared for our children alone, often prepping for our next move.  During that time I came up with simple ways to stay organized that made life much easier.  Time is our most precious commodity, and with today’s busy family schedules, getting and staying organized can be a challenge.  What started as a way of life, developed into a fulfilling career.  Now, as a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), I enjoy helping others find solutions to their home organizing needs.  Sometimes, a new approach is all it takes to get and stay organized, so you can maximize your time for more important things.  Your situation is unique; so is the solution.  I’ll find something that fits your needs and lifestyle, and assist you in getting your home to function better for your family.  The services I provide are always completely confidential and without judgement.  Do you want to spend time struggling with a system that doesn’t work, or spend time making new memories in your home?  Let me help you to simplify your space.

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