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​​​Frequently asked Questions

Q:  What exactly does a professional organizer do?

A:  Professional organizers help you to organize your space step-by-step. They guide you through the de-cluttering process, help you organize, and, if necessary, help you find storage solutions to keep your home in order.

Q:​  Why should I hire a professional organizer?

A: ​ Disorganization can cause higher stress levels and reduced productivity. How much time do you waste looking for a bill that is due, the keys that are misplaced, or important paperwork you need in the future? Organizing allows you to be able to find things in your home much easier, and saves you time and money.

Q:  Can you help me, even  if I've been disorganized for a while?

A:  Yes, I can help you to discover where your lack of organization is rooted. I will look at your behaviors and habits and help you to see the big picture. As a professional organizer, I will use my skills to help you get your home in an order that is manageable for you. 

Q:  How soon can I schedule an appointment for you to help me?

A:  Typically, I am able to book an initial consultation within a few days. If you have a very busy work schedule, I will try to come at the most convenient time for you.

Q:  What do I need to prepare for our session?

A:  If you are motivated to organize before the session, I suggest that you locate and make available any extra storage supplies you may want to use in the process. Don't worry about trying to organize before the appointment. I like to see exactly how you live, which will help me in implementing our organizing solutions.

Q:  How much will my project cost?
A:  I cannot give an exact estimate on how much a project will cost because there are so many variables. Every project and client is different and has different expectations.  There is a four hour minimum which, for some clients, will work to organize the selected area. However, for clients that require more time, there are packages available to purchase at a discounted rate.

Q:  Is our work together confidential?

A:  Absolutely. I recognize that the condition of a persons home and how they live should be kept private. As a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, I am required  to abide by their Code of Ethics. Everything you discuss with me will be kept strictly confidential.

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept and when is it taken?
A:  I accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard. Payment is made the day the work is completed.

Q:  Do you offer guidance on do-it-yourself organizing?
A:  Yes. DIY organizing is available for clients that are highly motivated to work on their home themselves. This is a better choice for someone that wants to work on an area little by little when they have extra time.  This session is billed by the hour and is prepaid before the online or telephone session occurs. I usually ask that you e-mail me some pictures so we can discuss what you would like to accomplish.